De Paolis Law Firm provides assistance and advice in the following civil law areas:

  • Commercial law (link to service description)
  • Company law (link to service description), with targeted services for start-ups and innovative SMEs (link to service description) and generational handover (link to service description)
  • Industrial and intellectual property law (link to service description)
  • Litigation and arbitration (link to service description).

De Paolis Law Firm provides consulting services also to sports companies and associations (link to service description).


Primary objective of the Law Firm is to offer integrated and customized services to meet customer needs, in synergic cooperation with other professionals (accountants, notaries, business consultants and employment consultants), both in Italy and abroad.

A careful analysis of customer needs allows achieving maximum customer satisfaction through rapid and accurate answers prepared on the basis of a deep knowledge of the specific business situations.

The ability of the Frim to adapt its performance to customer needs fosters the consolidation of a professional counselling and cooperation relationship, that may continue and improve over time.

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