The Firm offers advice to companies on matters of civil, commercial, corporate and bankruptcy law, providing support in judicial (assistance in proceedings at judicial, arbitration and administration authorities) and extrajudicial procedures (e.g. drafting of contracts and opinions on special issues).
List of main legal services

a) Drafting, reviewing and negotiating commercial contracts (e.g. transfer, lease, contract, supply, distribution, joint venture, franchising, product placement, sponsorship) both at domestic and international level;
b) Drafting of opinions about civil and commercial law issues related to the company activities;
c) Assistance for debt management and recovery, with preliminary study of the position and realization chances.
a) Assistance for the establishment of new companies or partnerships (e.g. articles of association, shareholders’ agreements) both in Italy and abroad;
b) Advice on the purchase or sale of the whole business and/or business units, company shares;
c) Support to corporate bodies activities (e.g. drafting of shareholders’ or Board of Directors’ resolutions), their operation and the management of relations among members;
d) Advice on privacy and, in general, compliance issues related to the business activity (e.g. organizational models pursuant to Legislative Decree n. 231/2001);
e) Assistance for business readjustment and restructuring (e.g. reorganization plans pursuant to Art. 67 Bankruptcy Law, restructuring agreements pursuant to Art. 182 bis Bankruptcy Law, arrangements with creditors).
Consulting on the study, planning and solutions aimed at managing the generational handover of business control and management as well as protection and conservation of property and financial assets.
Assistance for the protection of industrial and intellectual property and advice for the registration of software and trademarks at national, Community and international level.
a) Assistance in proceedings before Italian judicial authorities in the sphere of civil, commercial, company and industrial and intellectual property law;
b) Assistance in proceedings before Tax Commissions;
c) Assistance in domestic arbitration proceedings, with provision of services as arbitrator or defending counsel.

Il Cliente può ricevere, attraverso la nostra rete di collaborazioni professionali anche all’estero, il supporto in ambito notarile, fiscale, contabile, amministrativo e finanziario, ricevendo una consulenza integrata in grado di rispondere ad ogni esigenza dell’attività societaria.


The Firm offers services in the field of innovative entrepreneurship dedicated to start-ups, incubators, equity crowdfunding platforms and venture capital funds.

a) Advice during the business start-up process (choice of the legal form, definition of the share capital and contributions, preparation of preliminary agreements between the future partners, the articles of association, enrolment with the special section of innovative start-ups);
b) Study of business legal classification;
c) Drafting of contracts and any other documents necessary for the business activity performance;
d) Assistance in planning, negotiation and execution of investment rounds;
e) Assistance in planning and capital collection through equity crowdfunding
f) Assistance for industrial and intellectual property protection and advice on the registration of software and trademarks at national, Community and international level;
g) Counselling in the field of privacy and, in general, compliance issues related to business activities.
a)1. Notary counselling;
b) Assistance for the establishment of companies or subsidiaries abroad (e.g. US, United Kingdom);
c) Preparation of business model canvas and business plan;
d) Assistance in planning, management and execution of a capital raising campaign through equity crowdfunding;
e) Handling of tax, accounting, administrative and employment issues related to the company activities;
f) Support in the search for industrial and/or financial partners;
g) Counselling in patent, model and drawing registration procedures;
h) Assistance in the development of software, web and digital platforms;
i) Consulting in marketing and communications field.


The Firm offers services in the field of sports law, also in cooperation with external professionals working as CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) consultants and instructors.

a) Consulting during the company/association start-up process (e.g. drafting of deed of incorporation and articles of association);
b) Drafting of contracts and any other documents necessary to carry on the activity;
c) Assistance in planning, organizing and managing of sports centres;
d) Advice on sports sponsorships;
e) Assistance in proceedings before sports justice Authorities, Tax Commissions and Italian judicial Authorities.
a) Consulting for fiscal and tax-related issues of sports companies and associations;
b) Auditing of sports companies and associations relating to the administrative, civil and fiscal areas in order to verify the compliance of their organization and management with the statutes and regulations of the sector;
c) Advice on adaptation of sports companies and associations to statues and regulations of the sector as a result of the auditing.
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